Employee Leaves of Absence

Pregnancy Disability Leave
Employers who employ five or more people must provide four months of pregnancy disability leave for any employee who is disabled by pregnancy and/or pregnancy-related condition per pregnancy. In addition to pregnancy disability leave, the birth of a child also may qualify the employee for an additional twelve week leave of absence under the California Family Rights Act. An employers must maintain group health benefits for any employee who is on pregnancy disability discrimination leave.


Paid Family Leave
An employee who is on leave from work to care for a sick family member or to bond with a new child may receive benefits to replace a portion of wages that are lost as during the leave of absence. Although paid family leave does not create an additional right to a leave of absence, employers have a duty to advise every employee of his/her right to paid family leave rights by: (1) posting the state notice advising employees of these rights and (2) providing all hires with the state-published pamphlet describing these rights.


Sick Leave
Although California employers are not required to provide sick leave, those that do must allow employees to use up to half of their sick leave to care for a sick child, spouse or domestic partner.
An employee may utilize sick leave for their own illness or to provide care for a sick child, parent, sibling, grandparent, grandchild, spouse or domestic partner.


School Activities
Employers with 25 or more employees must also allow parents to take up to 40 hours off per year to participate in activities of his or her child’s school or day care facility. Regardless of its size, every employer must allow the parent of a child who has been suspended from school to take time off if he/she needs to appear at the school regarding the suspension.


Time Off To Vote
Employers must allow every employee, with prior notice, to take off up to two hours of working time at the beginning or end of the regular working shift to vote in any statewide election.

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