“Going thru the experience of mediation is not something I want to do as it is not who I am really, but I did not want the other party to do things without facing any consequences… Ben was very helpful thru this process of settling and did it in an professional and ethical way.”
Didier Boivin
“Mr Hill was readily available and sensitive to address my concerns and questions during our consultation. He took ample time to assess the entirety of my situation, while understanding the importance of privacy. I would highly recommend his advice regarding matters that may persist towards anyone, involved in either a civil or non-civil matter. He understands the court system well, and will diligently be able to provide both referrals and references as needed. I give Ben a five star rating!”
Alok Sethi
“I highly recommend Benjamin. He represented me in a litigation with bank lender and is extremely trustworthy and knowledgable. When it comes to litigation, I would go with no other than Benjamin.”
Jack Chen
Real Estate Investor
“Excellent attorney ! very professional , honest ,straight forward knows what he is doing . he helped me lower my labor claim amount by 50 percent. We settled at the conference without going to a hearing with no problem He cares about his clients . I highly recommend Benjamin Hill.”
Veronica Ortega
“It’s no secret that California law favors the employee over the employer.  I was hesitant to let an employee go even when it was obviously that she was not the right fit for her position because the last thing I needed was a lawsuit by a former employee.  I retained Ben Hill to assess the situation and tell me what options were available for my company.  Ben identified the contractual grounds for termination, explained what would happen if the employee applied for unemployment and proposed the structure for a severance package.  He gave my company the information and the strategy needed to make this transition.  The employee moved on without any hard feelings, and I slept better knowing that my company was protected against any subsequent lawsuit.”
Moveinsure, Inc.
“A former employee filed a retaliation claim against my company, and I retained the services of Ben Hill.  When my company was served with subpoenas, Ben personally came here to discuss each request with me so that I understood exactly what was being asked and how we would be responding to each request.  Not only did Ben help settle the case, there was still money left in my initial retainer.  Great and cost-effective service!”
Youngjin Pak
President Evergreen Child Care Services, Inc.
“When we consulted attorneys regarding our defense, they made it very clear that it is very difficult to win an employment lawsuit in California. Furthermore, achieving a ruling where the employee is found to have acted in bad faith is extremely rare. We feel vindicated to have received this ruling […]. I would like to thank Inhouse Co and the current and former Jolly employees that worked on our behalf for their hard work.”
Sandeep Jolly
CEO of Jolly Technologies, Inc.
“Ben is a very sharp Attorney. He is well versed in aspects of business law, contracts and an excellent negotiator. His practical approach to the addressing the issues at hand is spot on. I would strongly recommend Ben for those needing a winning legal team. Ben has been excellent at finding the legal issues in favor of our argument and converting the applicable law into a strategy that exposed the opponent’s weaknesses from the start. I’ve been working on a long and complex battle with Ben and have secured excellent results, this is one of several successes.”
E Swenson
CEO of Qubix Corporation
“Before my startup company launched its website, I asked Ben Hill to draft the website’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. Since this was not my first commercial website, I was surprised and impressed by the number of potential legal issues that he had the foresight/experience to address in those documents. Not only were these documents comprehensive, Ben’s “turn around” time for drafting these documents was less than ten days!”
Mike Chen
“Mr.Hill’s services allowed me to feel confident that my firm was properly insulated against any possible threats, both internal and external. Mr.Hill displayed a clear understanding of the needs of my firm, and committed himself to providing practical solutions. I have also found Mr. Hill to be very personable, highly intelligent, and a consummate professional. I would give Mr. Hill my highest recommendation without hesitation.”
Ryan Spence
CEO of Royal Valuation Services, Inc.
“When confronted with damages exceeding $100,000 in a lease dispute, I was very concerned about the health of my personal finance. Inhouse Co’s attorneys help me negotiated and got the case dismissed!”
Karen L, Quiznos
“I required a few contracts for my new business. Benjamin was able to create them quickly and only via consultation via phone and email. His points that I was concerned with were addressed and he was very thorough when outlining and creating the document. I would recommend Benjamin not only for his prompt attention to my requests, hard work and expertise, but he was a pleasure to talk to as well.”
J Zinsmeyer
Private investor
“I am always amazed by the attorneys at Inhouse Co for their dedication to serving us. They are accessible, frankly speaking, around the clock.”
“The team possesses excellent credentials, and offer us the service we want, providing advice and guidance that is both practical and commercial”
Minus Zero LLC
“Benjamin Hill is an excellent attorney and has won three out of three cases for my company. He is very well versed in all aspects of business and entertainment law, and has a strong expertise in labor and employment law. I would strongly recommend Ben and his team for anyone needing a winning legal team. Ben went the extra mile and found evidence for our cases that was not provided by me and then took that evidence and converted it into an argument strategy that won our cases. We have been through complicated battles together and have won every time.”
B. Bekian
President and CEO of Loyal Studios and Pro HD Rentals
“A former licensee of my company’s trademark continued using my company’s trademark after the license agreement had expired. When she ignored my demand letters, my company sued her for trademark infringement. When the ex-licensee recognized what awaited her in Court, she agreed to cease and desist from using my company’s mark. Still, that left the issue of the money that my company spent pursuing this matter. Always looking for new approaches, Ben discovered a way to have the ex-licensee’s general liability insurance cover those costs. Ben’s persistence and creativity delivered results”
Justin Ha
CEO Heavenly Couture, Inc.
“Benjamin Hill is a great attorney! He is very detailed, puts his thoughts into words precisely, and follows through on all requests. Benjamin is also extremely knowledgeable of current and past law which aids in developing a sustainable and arguable case. I have retained Benjamin and will continue to utilize his services because he is the best. I highly recommend Benjamin to anyone in seek of great legal service as he will deliver.”
E German
Acquisitions Manager at Apple
“We are very pleased with the work of Inhouse Co and their attorneys. They took on our commercial litigation case and got us the result we wanted. We wholehearted recommend Inhouse Co and trust their expertise to handle any legal matter.”
Elite Automotive Corp.
“I was briefed by Ben on a case that I was involved in and found him extremely ethical, professional and caring. His expertise and knowledge of the case facts and its legal  procedures were spot on. If I was to ever in need of an attorney for any reason I would want one like Ben.”
Robert Johnson
Executive VP of Public Relations UMS Banking
“I am thankful for the service Inhouse Co attorneys provided in preparing my trust. The fees were very reasonable and manageable, and their staff was very friendly. I especially appreciate they attention to detail and that they were able to respond to all my question and concerns.”
Ling Applebaum
“Ben has your best interest at heart.  Does not hammer you with bogus billing and is reasonably priced. Seems to be very knowledgeable and If he does not know it, he will research it and actually can argue your case in front of a judge.”
David Kluge
CEO Affirm Direct, Inc.
“We have worked with Inhouse Co on multiple occasions, and each time, Inhouse Co has delivered the desired result. The attorneys handled our commercial litigation and trademark prosecution cases with efficiency and urgency. Thank you.”
Timolino Corp.
“Ben Hill was a pleasure working with. He was very responsive when I needed him. He is very thorough and is very professional. I would recommend him to anyone.”
Paul Horne
President of Hybrid Auto Glass, Inc.
“Inhouse Co represented us in a copyright dispute and got us the desired outcome. The attorneys kept us informed of the process and put us at ease with the whole process. We feel very comfortable recommending Inhouse Co for any legal advocacy or cases with which they handle.”
In Vouge Corp.
“I was involved in an unlawful detainer case with my prior landlord.  I thought that I would be forced out of my apartment, lose my security deposit and take a hit on my credit rating.  I hired Ben Hill as my attorney to get me out of the mess.  Minutes before trial was set to begin, the landlord accepted a deal that allowed me to retain my deposit and not have anything negative reported on my credit. I used the deposit money to secure a new place.”
Ron Desvigne
“My company and I were sued by a former independent contractor who claimed that he was actually an employee.  Although I was willing to settle initially, his settlement demand was so high that I was forced to fight the case.  Ben was able to have the case ordered to arbitration.  Since Ben cc’d me on all correspondence to the other side, I could read how he would isolate and expose the soft spots in the plaintiff’s case.  After a while, the plaintiff wasn’t so confident about his case, and we reached a reasonable settlement agreement.”
Name withheld pursuant to confidential settlement agreement
“Inhouse Co attorneys were very patient and meticulous in handling our insurance litigation case. On behalf of Hollandaise Investment, LLC, we would like to thank the attorneys at Inhouse Co who worked on our case.”
Hollandaise Investment, LLC
“I was representing myself in a collections case against an attorney.  The attorney countersued me to basically scare me into dismissing the case.  Ben got the countersuit dismissed and ultimately collected the money that was owed to me.”
Allen Dadour
CEO Liens Unlimited, LLC
“We found ourselves in a mess of copyright disputes, and the attorneys at Inhouse Co represented us in resolving them. They helped us evaluate our cause in-depth during consultation and provided insightful advice that saved us from spending unnecessary money.”
“I was involved in a real estate trustee dispute for a few years now. .It was around last fall that I had decided to proceed with legal action. The attorneys at Inhouse Co worked collaboratively as a team were really diligent in pursuing the defendant . They are all extremely knowledgeable and tactful. Definitely a great team you can count on to fight for you.”
Michael C

Disclaimer: The testimonials, case results and/or endorsements do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter.